Deepika and Ranveer best breakup


Well, they aren’t married but appear more affectionate and gorgeous than other married couples. Bollywood is a buzz with latest rumors of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh heading for a breakup of their love bond. While the news of these two signing an epic love story is striking the headlines, looks like there is something fishy.Opinion differences between the two busiest Indian actors is said to be the reason why they aren’t seeing each other for now. In fact, they both headed for a breakup sometime back. Luckily, the rift was closed as things were sorted out easily and they attended an awards function in Spain together.

Ranveer could not control his love for Dips as he rushed to Canada to see his lady love shooting for her debut Hollywood flick with Vin Diesel. Then Deepika responded with same excitement by flying to Paris and spent time with Ranveer when he was shooting a film there. However, Ranveer isn’t satisfied with the relation because he is upset that Deepika never reciprocates the excitement and enthusiasm he exhibits towards her, may it be on the social media or personally. We need to wait and watch… where this relationship is tending to?