Puri, Darling Turns Into A Devil


Criticism aimed against Puri Jagannath is intensified by critics and cinema lovers after watching his last directorial ‘Ism.’ Though, the film is expected to please journalists by speaking bundles of philosophy on patriotism, corruption and many more points discretely, it did not succeed on any theme strongly. Thanks to Puri’s feeble approach towards script and aimless direction, ‘Ism’ suffered very badly wasting all the hard efforts put in by Kalyan Ram as hero and producer.Film scribes are pointing at Puri following his mentor RGV footsteps in easy wrapping of a project without honesty and creativity added to script and treatment. ‘Ism’ is nothing different from Puri’s last few debacles. More than treatment and narration, it’s the wrong focus of Puri seems to be a worrying factor when we think of his future projects.

RGv enjoyed enormous following across India five or six years back. Gradually he lost this loyal Fan base with disappointing films delivered one after the other. Puri is also on the same track. He was once a darling for young star heroes. But, now he is appearing like a devil for Mahesh Babu as he is keeping ‘Jana Gana Mana’ on a continuous hold.