NTR is still thinking on Puri


The gut feeling Junior NTR had towards director Puri Jagannath is now absolutely shaken. Despite ‘Ism’ has gone over budgeted Tarak had a strong belief that Puri would design the project as a milestone film in his elder brother Kalyan Ram career. However, the project went neither of these ways resulting as a huge loss maker.Trade reports say that, buyers are going to lose huge money and so is Kalyan Ram as producer who released the movie with losses on bench. Why is Puri making everyone suffer? Where are the actual production costs getting escalated in his movies? May it be ‘Heart Attack’ or ‘Loafer’ or even ‘Jyothi Lakshmi,’ we haven’t heard a word called ‘Profit’ when Puri is dealing them.Coming back to present, how can Puri have a face to approach Mahesh Babu or Junior NTR with a proposal for next film? Time taken by Tarak to give a final acceptance for Puri’s next is worth acceptable because he cannot lose the hard worked stardom gained in last two to three movies just for the sake of Puri.