Naruda Donaruda Movie Review



Story and Strong points : Dr Anjaneyulu -Tanikella bharani is an infertility specialist who is well known for the sperm count donars and giving out babies for the people with infertility. Now Dr Anjaneyulu finds out Vicky as the best person to deal with the sperm donor job out of all the has got. Anjaneyulu wants him to test the sperm samples for his own and finally convinces vicky to turn as sperm donor. He offers him some attractive money too. Vicky gets married to his love interest Aashima roy and later Aashima knows about the sperm donation of his. She reacts so serious and wants to be away from him. Sumanth convinces and reunites with Aashima roy is the next stor of the film . Sumanth is good in the character of Vicky for sure but beingi into the story deeply he was out of the way with few dislikes as well. Pallavi subhas gaind some negative marks all the way .She neirth was gorgeous or was a good performer too. The lead actors were surely dominated  by Tanikella bharani who carried the movie totally on his shoulders.  Tanikella bharani is so awesome and amazing note for the movie. Suman shetty has got some good role . The biggest positve of this movie is the original story line taken by the bollywood standard. Interval bang was good . The dialouges written by Kittu vissapragada are very good without any vulgarity taken. Songs are too godo on screen and camera work is fine.

Negatives :

The screenplay is the biggest minus of this movie followed by Nativity thing. Screenplay would have been much and more engaging , Original film Vikcy donor plays a good role in screenplay thing but this telugu version surely lacks it all the way. Heroine got minus marks for her zero performance. Director is having lot of lack experience in direction and it was surely shown on screen.The same content with a new director would have definitely worked out. The major problem is  Nativity issues and the second half is tiotally drenched into Bengali fame where mass or class audience will never get connected

Finally , Naruda DONARuda is a okyish film with lot of negatives to deal with There was entertianment here and there by the major changes to the original script would have worked it well. THe movie doesnot have a proper execution at all and it completely drags the interes out of teh film. Unneccesary scense are the biggest problem here. Performances too didnot put this movie on high stand where Tanikella bharani is the only saviour. Good humour here and there was of no use mostly. First half was good and entertaining but second half was not thing to watch at all. This film will surely not bring back the hit hero Sumanth on the track.