KAY : Nani To Have Highest Shows in US


Nani is soon emerging as the Superstar among younger lot of heroes especially when it comes to the US territory. After screening his last film Middle Class Abbayi (MCA) in 138 locations, the US distributors of Krishnarjuna Yuddham (KAY), Magnus Media, is planning to have highest ever shows for KAY in the US.

It is learnt that Krishnarjuna Yuddham would be screened in 175-plus locations and already most of the screens, locations have been locked in well advance. As the film’s release date is locked as April 12, the film’s distributors are coming up with a great plan.

4 Shows for Premieres

The distributors of KAY are planning to have 4 shows for the film’s premieres on April 11th. This is going to be a new precedent in the US. So far, only for Baahubali 2, only in a few locations, 4 shows were screened for the premieres. However, the distributors of KAY are pushing the limits to have 4 shows in most of the major chains and it is going to be a remarkable feat.

It is heard that the distributors would keep a minimal price of 12 USD per ticket and the movie pass holders could easily avail the opportunity.

Outside US

Already, the overseas rights of the KAY outside US (Australia, UAE and etc) have been sold for 4.2 Crore which is the most fancy amount. Even the non-USA overseas distributors Southern Star International & Sarigama cinemas are planning very wide release for Nani’s KAY.

Revenue Expected from Premieres

The overseas distributors are expecting to clock in 0.5 Million USD only through the premieres which will be a great feat. Let us see what is in store for KAY.