Rangasthalam Movie Review


Starring : Ram Charan, Samantha, Aadhi Pinisetty, Jagapati Babu

Director : Sukumar

Producers : Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, Mohan Cherukuri

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematographer: Rathnavelu

Editor : Navin Nooli

Ram Charan’s long awaited rustic entertainer Rangasthalam 1985, directed by Sukumar, is all set to take the box office by storm. Majority of the film has been shot in Godavari region and the art work is said to be the mainstay of the film.


The story is set in a backward village called Rangasthalam. Chitti Babu(Charan) is a happy go lucky youth who falls in love with Laksmi(Samantha). This is also the time where the entire village is under the grip of a ruthless president(Jagapathi Babu) who creates problems for the villagers. Upset with this, Chitti Babu’s elder brother Kumar(Aadi) decides to go against the president and faces serious problems. Rest of the story is as to how Chitti Babu helps his brother and solves all the problems in the village.


When Ramcharan announced this film with Sukumar, cine lovers expected a performance-oriented role is on cards. However, some were not convinced about Charan’s choice to play village lad that too who is partially deaf. But, with his hard work, Ram Charan has excelled in performance as chittibabu – the sound engineer. Be it his acts to cover-up his disability, or his innocent way of expressing love to Rama Lakshmi, Or Sensitive thread with Rangammattha Or unadulterated love towards his brother or emotional revolt against the landlord .. He is at ease in every scene, delivers stellar performance. Charan carried this film single handedly. Jagapathi Babu in first half delivers ruthless performance. Rama Lakshmi role is not a tailor made one for Samantha, but she tried hard to succeed. Anchor Anasuya as Rangammattha is a surprise pack. Adi Pinisetty as Charan’s brother is adequate. Naresh, Brahmaji played two scenes each roles and obviously they did perform well. Pooja Hegde sizzles in an item song. Devi Sri Prasad does justice to songs and background score.


Rangasthalam has its own merits and demerits equally. Versatile director Sukumar seems focused more on recreating 80s ambience. In each scene, each frame audience can see the utmost care had been put into to make an authentic 80s era story. Sukumar and his production team passed with distinction in this aspect. Not only the sets but also the costumes, characters’ diction, their body language etc. are so perfect. Sukumar’s characters carry real life with them than just cinematic presence Films with this backdrop have the scope to deliver heart touching emotions, but director has failed in delivering emotional threads within. First half is very good with Charan-Samantha thread, nice songs and authentic rural setting. By interval, right premise has been set for second half. But, second half has been dragged on with boring sentiment scenes. Telugu audiences are not used for such lengthy sentiment scenes. President Jagapathi babu characterization is too good in first half, but in second half this role is abruptly sidelined and obviously overall impact is diluted. Adi Pinisetty final scene reminds us of a typical Tamil sentiment film. In second half, the violence is bit more. For the dragged second half, climax is the savior. Production values by Mythri movies are top class.

Songs :

Yentha Sakkagunnave , Rangamma Mangamma and Jigelu Rani songs came out very well on screen. Ranga Ranga Ranga sthalaana is a decent one. Other two songs are nothing to talk about. Ram Charan’s steps in Jigelu Raani song are a feast for fans and masses. Positives: Ram Charan performance Very authentic recreation of 80s rural life Three superhit Songs


Overdose of sentiment scenes in second half No emotional connect


Rangasthalam is a raw drama backed by Ram Charan’s unexpected stellar performance, meticulous artwork to portray 80s ambience of a rustic village. However, terribly dragged overdose of sentiment scenes in second half kills the commercial aspect to an extent. Again in Climax , Ram Charan’s brilliant act turns saving grace. Box-office performance depends on how fans embrace this different film from a mass star.

Eenadu Cinema Rating : 3.5 /5